A careful selection of beauty products and makeup knowledge reveals itself in having immaculate makeup looks to astound your audience. What products do you pick to get your skin ready? The health of your facial skin is ensured by multiple cosmetic layers. Therefore, use caution while choosing your face cosmetic items, such as face primer. Let’s go over some crucial factors regarding the significance of primer before getting into the list of Top Face primer brands in India.

Why Do We Use a Face Primer, and What Is It?

A face primer is a necessary cosmetic for having a flawless makeup appearance. A primer can be thought of as the foundation’s base. It helps to make your leftover cosmetic products look better when applied. In a broader sense, face primer can act as a moisturiser and smoothen your makeup.

Additionally, using a face primer in your everyday makeup process will help to accentuate various features including your lips, face, and eyes. A primer for makeup has some incredible advantages, including the ability to minimise the appearance of pores, control excess oil on the face, and serve as a foundation for long-lasting makeup.

Even if you have acne, hyperpigmentation, or pollution, primer can help you have makeup that doesn’t break.

Additional advantages of face primer include:

  • It gives your skin a luminous appearance and gives your makeup an extra sheen.
  • Face primer also aids in regulating sebum and oil production on the face.
  • Prime Plus moisturiser adds a layer of moisture to skin that is parched.
  • If you struggle with additional problems, such as an uneven skin tone, having outstanding makeup is a fantastic choice.

Face Primer Types

Color-Correcting Face Primer: One of the best cosmetics for successfully addressing uneven skin tone. The solution to work on stains is this primer.

Primer that illuminates the face: Primer that illuminates the face contains glittering particles to give your skin more radiance. Your skin receives a layer of the golden sheet from it.

Mattifying Face Primer: If you want to manage the oil on your face, let the mattifying primer do its thing. You’ll look glowing and it will assist get rid of the surplus oil.

Face primer that minimises pores: With today’s hurried lifestyle, having pores on your face is pretty natural. The use of primer will help you achieve a beautiful cosmetic look and reduce the visibility of open pores.

India’s top ten affordable price fface primers


1.      Perfect Oil-Free Face Primer by Blue Heaven

The best skin types for this gel-based face primer are those with normal skin. This face primer may be the most effective and reasonably priced face primer under 500. Even if you are just getting started with cosmetics, it is the greatest choice.

2. Lakme Absolute Blur Perfect, Matte Effect Makeup Primer

A water-based face primer is Lakme Absolute Blur Perfect. Because of its waterproof nature, it helps your makeup last longer and offers you a more even complexion.

3. Perfect Match Primer by Colorbar

It is an oil-free, non-comedogenic primer that gives your face skin a smooth touch. It is paraben-, fragrance-, and allergen-free and has undergone dermatological testing.

4. Studio Finish Oil Primer by PAC

As its name implies, PAC Studio Finish Oil Primer is an oil-based primer that efficiently hydrates and nourishes the skin on your face. Your skin’s hydration level is replenished as a result.

5. The Base Of Glory Pore Minimizing Primer by SUGAR Cosmetics

With a mattifying formula for beautiful skin, it is one among the best face primers available in India. For a soft-touch feel, Sugar Face Primer is devoid of parabens, mineral oil, and preservatives.

6. Illuminating Primer by NYX Born To Glow

While ensuring the easiest makeup application, NYX Primer leaves you with an incredibly luminous finish. It will enable you to produce a nice canvas for producing an exceptional makeup look if you have dull or ashy complexions.

7. L’Oréal Paris Base Magique Primer

The L’Oréal Paris Base Magique Primer provides a solid, flawless foundation that will keep your makeup in place all day. It has a mild, non-greasy composition that aids in absorbing extra oil and smoothing up pores.

8. Ultime Pro Perfecting Primer by FACES Canada

With just one application of FACES Canada Ultimate Pro Perfecting Primer, your skin will be flawless and more even. It has a thin texture and makes your makeup seem silky. You benefit from having less wrinkles, open pores, and fine lines.

Pick the top face primer to give your complexion a solid makeup foundation and wow your audience. Make sure to comprehend the depth of your skin’s requirements before selecting the greatest solution. Therefore, pick your face primer carefully.