8 Makeup Applying Tips to Look Attractive at a Party


Would you like to improve your looks and shine at a party? Not to mention that every lady today spends lakhs of rupees choosing the perfect attire for an occasion but yet fails to present themselves attractively. Well, there are several potential causes for this, and makeup is one of them. Even if you get the greatest attire for the event, poor makeup application could detract from the beauty of your face.

Whether you’re a true beauty guru or a total newb, you can always use some guidance on cosmetics. When there are so many easy tactics that can help you improve your appearance, why struggle with your contour or cat eye? We’ll be presenting some of the top advice in this article that you may use to use cosmetics to improve your appearance.


8 Makeup Tricks for Attractive Looks in 2022


Make Employ liquid eyeliner

Never use pencil eyeliner during a cocktail party since it will eventually smudge. Liquid eyeliner is the best option. You might apply eyeliner with wings to connect the lines by raising the wing. You are entirely free to choose the liner thickness that you like.


Choose the appropriate primer for the face

Between your skin and the makeup, a primer lotion acts as a basis to protect it from harm. Your best cosmetics may be applied more uniformly, the moisturising agent is sealed in, chemicals from entering your pores are prevented, and it lasts longer. The product certainly sounds miraculous. It benefits your skin greatly despite generally being disregarded in terms of its worth. A mineral-based or oil-free primer is your sole option.


Describe your strongest points

Pick one quality—preferably your greatest trait—and make it a point to emphasise it. If you place your attention on two or more facial traits, it could seem overdone. Make your lips or eyes more prominent. For instance, if you’re wearing bright lipstick, use light eyeshadow, and vice versa.


Lip exfoliation is recommended before lipstick application

You know how lipstick doesn’t always apply smoothly? Use a gentle lip scrub to get your lips ready for your cosmetics. Your lips may have dry skin that the physical exfoliation may help buff away. It’s important to keep in mind that lip scrubs should only be applied once a week at most. Any more often and you run the risk of upsetting people, which is the exact opposite effect you want.


Draw you Cat Eye

If you’re having difficulties perfecting the winged eyeliner look, try drawing the shape’s outline first, and then filling it in (hey, same, I get it). By drawing a line that extends past your lower lash line, start by creating the bottom of your cat eye. Next, decide on the wing’s desired thickness and draw a top line from the end of the flick to your upper lash line. Once the shape has been drawn out on both sides and seems to be symmetrical, fill in the blank areas.


Apply makeup spray

Similar to how a hair spray holds your style in place, a cosmetic setting spray locks in your makeup and lengthens its wear. If you don’t feel comfortable utilising a cosmetic spray, use setting powder instead. Your makeup will have a matte finish without the oil thanks to the powder, simplifying your at-home beauty regimen.


Salicylic Acid can be used to revitalise mascara

Use a tube of mascara for no more than three months, is one piece of advise. Following that, it may begin to collect bacteria, which may then lead to eye infections and other unpleasant things you wouldn’t want to search for on Google Images. However, if your mascara begins to flake away after the first three months, you can restore its smooth texture by blending a few drops of saline solution into the flaky mixture.


Utilize waterproof makeup

One of the best pieces of cosmetic advice is to spend money on the right equipment for a lasting effect. One solution is to switch to waterproof eyeliner, mascara, and eyeshadow for clear, defined eyes. To avoid waking up with panda eyes, remember to remove your makeup before night.



You must now be fully aware of how to improve your makeup for a more appealing appearance. Even though these suggestions might make you look stunning, many times women are unable to achieve the desired look.

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