Highlighters are a product that some women simply cannot live without, while others wonder what the earth a highlighter is even for. If you fall into the second category, today’s discussion will focus on how important a highlighter is to a woman’s makeup routine and how to use this undiscovered beauty product to seem younger and for a variety of other purposes.

Let’s begin by covering the basics: What exactly is Highlighters makeup?

When used in conjunction with contouring, high-quality Highlighters makeup will raise face features in addition to giving the impression of brightness and height. Although many women combine Highlighters makeup and bronzer, highlighter can also be worn by itself for a delicate, lovely shine. You must know where and how to use this cosmetic essential if you want to get the most out of it. Do not worry; Palladio Beauty’s highlighting specialists have a few insider secrets up their sleeves to assist you get your desired shine.

Will choose Right Colour

Yes, Highlighters makeup does exist in different shades, and using the wrong one can completely sabotage a look. We advise utilizing the gold/silver jewelry test to select the ideal highlighter. Choose a highlighter with silver flecks or mild pink undertones if your skin tone looks best with silver or platinum jewelry. You should aim for a warm bronze or copper-based tint if you are a golden girl.

 Fingers > Brush application

Applying a Highlighters makeup with a brush instead of your fingertips provides you more control and a more immaculate finish. You’ll need a flat, slightly angled brush for the cheek area and a soft, blending brush for the smaller sections of the face. Mix a little highlighter with your regular moisturizer to achieve an all-over shine.

 There’s always time for a little glow-up, whether you’re working from home or making your way back out into the world. The fact that many of us are still unclear about where to apply highlighter to our faces is one of the best-kept secrets among pros.

 After experimenting with different areas on your face to apply highlighter, try these 5 spots for a chic, mature shine.

 1. Eyes

Add Shinelighter on top of your makeup for a glowing, gorgeous eye. Squeeze a small amount onto your foundation case’s Beautyblender bounce pad, dab with an eyeliner brush, and swipe on. Because Shinelighter is silky and never tacky, it consistently produces a shine that is crease-proof.

 2. Nose

 Highlighters makeup the bridge of your nose and apply a tiny bit of a Shinelighter to the tip to lengthen your face. The regions of your nose you wish to highlight will be easier to illuminate as a result. To extend the long line, you can also dab a bit on your cupid’s bow, which is located just above and below your upper lip.

 3. Face

Start with your cheeks if you’re scared to light up your entire face. Because your face naturally glows there, the apples of the cheeks are the most popular place to apply highlighter. To achieve it without going overboard, visualize making a parenthesis to frame your eyes with two “C”s on the apples of your cheeks.

 4. Lips

Shinelighter can be applied on your lips in one of two ways:

  1. By applying Shinelighter all over, you may transform your favorite matte lipstick into a glossy game-changer.
  2. To extend and brighten your face in a natural way, dab a dot on your cupid’s bow, the center of your bottom lip, and your lower chin.

 5. The collarbone

Although it seems strange, trust us. In the warmer months when you’re rocking tanks, bikinis, and strapless shirts, using a little Shinelighter on your collarbone is a terrific way to add sheen and radiance to your overall appearance.