12 best nail polish brands in India

Which nail polish line is recommended? Which brand is the most durable? The majority of individuals ask themselves these questions before purchasing nail paint.

Everyone enjoys having gorgeous nails because they show off their personality. In India, there are numerous top nail polish brands that come in a variety of price points.

This blog lists the top 12 nail polish brands in India along with its benefits so that readers can gain a better understanding of each brand. Let’s get going on it! Cheers to reading!

1. Color Bar

The nail polish line Color Bar is relatively affordable and offers a variety of hues in various finishes. Even so, this brand makes it simple to find everything from gentle to neon tones.

Numerous variations of this brand include things like

  • Colorbar’s nail polish
  • nails painted matte by Colorbar
  • colour art effects


  • It’s inexpensive
  • strong and subtle colours

This nail polish is priced between INR 150 and INR 180.

2. Lakme

The majority of individuals prefer Lakme nail polish because it provides nails a beautiful finish and a lively appearance. It lasts for a long time and uses colour lock technology to give nails vibrant colour.

Numerous variations of this brand include things like

  • True Wear by Lakme nail polish
  • Lakme 9-5 matte primer
  • Primer gloss Lakme 9-5
  • Absolute gel by Lakme
  • Color crush by Lakme


  • Long-lasting
  • Genuine colour
  • several shades
  • resistive to chips

This brand is priced between INR 110 to INR 250.

3. Revlon

This company offers gorgeous nail colours with a smooth, flawless matte finish. The nail colour includes a broad application brush with smooth bristles that, in just two coats, provides total coverage for sealing nail edges.

Numerous variations of this brand include things like

  • Holographic reflections by Revlon
  • summer florals nail polish by Revlon
  • Super glossy nail polish from Revlon


  • Quick-drying
  • available in a variety of hues
  • vibrant and lovely colours
  • Affordable

This brand costs between INR 225.

4. Faces Canada

High performance and a long-lasting finish are features of this brand of nail polish. Faces nail paints are paraben-free, available in a wide range of hues, reasonably priced, and come in good quantities.

Numerous variations of this brand include things like

  • Spray-on nail polish
  • Best professional matte nail polish
  • The best pro gel lustre nail polish
  • Metal shine nail polish Ultime


  • Quick-drying
  • Chip-resistant formula
  • Adequate for nails

This brand is available for INR 109 to 400.

5. Elle 18

These are ideal for you if you enjoy switching up your nail colour every day. They just come in adorable, miniature bottles in various colours, and the price range is really cheap and very affordable.

Numerous variations of this brand include things like

  • Elle 18 fast drying
  • Elle 18 sparkle
  • Matte Elle 18


  • Full protection
  • Provides a perfect finish.

The price for this brand is INR 55.

6. Nykaa

Nykaa has very lovely colors that are fairly distinctive and look incredibly luxurious. This brand’s nail polish formula has a decently long wear time and dries down rapidly.

Numerous variations of this brand include things like

  • Cookie-crunching nail polish by Nykaa
  • Matte Nykaa nail polish
  • Nykaa wedding-themed nail polish
  • Nail polish made by Nykaa, Masaba


  • Highly colored
  • Use in a single motion

The price range for this brand’s nail polishes is 125–300 INR.

7. Debelle

There are several stunning colours available from this well-known nail polish line. Pamper your nails with stunning Debelle colours and remain current. It is naturally enhanced with seaweed extract, which encourages nail development.

Numerous variations of this brand include things like

  • Debelle gel polish for nails
  • Metallic Debelle nail polish


  • Long-term stay
  • Gel-based
  • High-pigment formulation
  • Without any dangerous toxins

The price range for these brand’s nail colours is 270–300 INR.

8. Maybelline

You get a curved brush with Maybelline nail polish for improved application. They come in a wide range of colors and are popular due to their silky formula.

Numerous variations of this brand include things like

  • Super Stay 7-Day Nail Polish by Maybelline
  • New Work Color Show Intense by Maybelline
  • Maybelline salon manicure with nail polish
  • Maybelline fast-drying gel nail polish


  • Has a long lifespan
  • Dries rapidly

This brand is priced between INR 150 and INR 400.

9. Sugar

There are over 76 colors of Sugar tip tap toenail polish available, including matte, professional, and classic varieties. Because of its streak-free formulation, your nails will appear lustrous.

This brand has pro and matte versions.

  • Nail polish tip-to-toe pro
  • Tip-toe nail polish matte


  • A safe formulation
  • Simple to use

This brand’s price ranges from INR 199 to INR 300.

10. Juice

Juice nail colors are available in glossy and matte textures. They dry quickly and have a good shelf life. A flexible brush is included for easy application.

This brand offers glossy, matte, and long-lasting variations.

  • Shiny juice nail polish
  • Matte nail polish in juice
  • Long-lasting juice nail polish


  • Heavily colored
  • Very wealthy
  • Abrasion-resistant paints

The price of juice nail polish is INR 68.

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